Sisal Cat Post Steps Mounting Instructions


3 – Long screws
3 – Small Champagne screws

The Sisal Post comes with the cap detached and with 3 holes where you should mount the cap into the wall. The post needs to be mounted into a stud.

1. First, using a stud finder and a pencil, mark the center of the stud you will be using.

Sisal Cat Post2. Next, hold the cap up against the wall so that all three holes are approximately in a line vertically (like in Figure 1) and can reach the stud.

3. Pilot one hole first and mount a screw in tightly. You can then pilot both of the other holes and mount the screws in. Check to see if the cap is held tightly in place, with no wiggle. If it wiggles at all, you can mount another screw in to hold it in tight or try to re-tighten the screws.

Sisal Cat Post4. Place the body of the Post onto the cap, making sure that the sisal ends line up (Figure 2). You can press pretty hard. If you are having a hard time getting the body to line up with the cap, pull the body off and start over. Twisting and pulling will release the body.

5. Once the two pieces are flush, attach them with screws. Count two rows of sisal down the Cap (the piece mounted into the wall) from where the two pieces meet.

Sisal Cat Post6. Pilot one hole between the 3rd and 4th row on the cap (Figure 3). Mount a screw into the hole. The screw should sink down between the sisal, slightly hiding.

7. Pilot two holes other and mount screws in them. Make sure the post is holding up securely.

8. Release the cats!