Cat Mod Vertical Sisal Pole Mounting Instructions


When building a complex that includes a vertical sisal pole, you will want to start with this piece. Cats prefer for the fabric to be stretched tight and it’s easier to get it tight when starting with the pole.

Vertical Sisal Pole Mounting InstructionsThe sisal poles come in two section. These two sections need to be attached before mounting.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEIt helps to lay them on solid ground with the backs of the planks facing down. The backs should both be flat on the ground, to ensure that they will mount nicely to the wall. Push the two halves together so that you can no longer see any white plastic.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLENext, use the two tan screws to drill into the pole between the second and third rows of sisal at the end of the pole.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEPush the two halves together so that you can no longer see any white plastic.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEThese come with two screws to hold the halves in place. counting two rows of sisal from the end of where they fit together drill two holes and screw in the tan sisal pole screws to securely hold the two halves together.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEMake sure to pick two spots on opposite sides of the pole. This will create the most sturdy hold.

Each pole needs to be mounted into a stud. Because this is a 4′ pole, it helps to mark the middle of the stud low and then again a few feet higher.

Next, expose the mounting bracket by removing the wooden caps on each of the mounting planks with the drill and hex-head bit.

The final step is easiest to do with an extra person. Hold the sisal pole against the wall, lining up the middle bracket holes with the middle of the stud. Use instructions for mounting individual planks:


When mounting any package that includes a sisal pole, we suggest mounting this piece first and building out from there. If you have a package that doesn’t include a pole, start with the lower planks and build up.

Be sure to keep the fabric sections pulled tight. Our cats won't walk on them at all if the fabric is loose.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEUsing the hex-head bit, remove the two hex screws from the assembled planks. To mount the first plank, hold it against the wall in the middle of a stud with one hand and then use a power drill and ⅛” bit to pilot a hole through the center bracket hole into the middle of the marked stud. Starting from the middle stud will help you line up the rest of the planks. It also helps to angle the pilot hole down as shown to the left.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEWith studs, you only need to use two of the mounting holes. When we mounted everything, we started with the middle hole on each plank and then went with either the right or left hole. Lay fabric over the plank, lining up the two fabric grommets with the two posts.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEPut the wooden caps back on the planks and tighten the furniture screws until the canvas fabric is held firmly in place. Over-tightening will result in the screw sinking into the wooden plank.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEBe sure to tighten both screws, front and back. As you can see in the picture we positioned the fabric to continue to the left of the board. You can position the fabric to the left or right, depending on the direction of your next plank.

MOUNTING VERTICAL SISAL POLEA second layer of fabric can be added if you ever want to change your design or to continue the structure in another direction.