Cat Mod Shelf Mounting Instructions

The Cat Mod has been designed to fit studs spaced out either 16″ or 24″ on center. We encourage mounting each plank into studs.

If you cannot find a stud where you want your piece to be mounted, you can also use 1/8″ toggle bolt anchors, found at your local hardware store.



Basic Mounting InstructionsIf you’re using studs to mount your Cat Mod (which we highly suggest) then you first need to find and mark those. Studs are solid 2×4’s that sit behind drywall, shown in the picture to the right.

Use a pencil to mark the center of each stud you are using. If you are mounting a complex like the Play or Climb we suggest marking a high and low point of each stud.

The easiest way to find your studs is with a stud finder. If you don’t have one, there’s a trick we found useful shown in this video.


When mounting any package that includes a sisal pole, we suggest mounting this piece first and building out from there. If you have a package that doesn’t include a pole, start with the lower planks and build up.

Be sure to keep the fabric sections pulled tight. Our cats wont walk on them at all if the fabric is loose.

At this point, you should have already marked the middle of your studs (covered above).

Using the hex-head bit, remove the two hex screws from the assembled planks. To mount the first plank, hold it against the wall in the middle of a stud with one hand and then use a power drill and ⅛” bit to pilot a hole through the center bracket hole into the middle of the marked stud. Starting from the middle stud will help you line up the rest of the planks. It also helps to angle the pilot hole down as shown to the left.

Cat Mod Mounting InstructionsPut the wooden caps back on the planks and tighten the furniture screws. Over-tightening will result in the screw sinking into the wooden plank.

Be sure to tighten both screws, front and back.